“I started with Yoga Centre London about 1 1/2 years ago after suffering from a back injury (both disc & tailbone). I spent about 2 yrs searching for help.... tried my doctor, a back specialist, massage and acupuncture with no improvements. I had been healthy all my life and found the pain quite debilitating. When I started in the "special practices" class, I very was skeptical. They started me out with just traction and weights. I am now in a Level 1 class and am so thrilled with the progress. When I look back, I can't believe how far I have come and cannot express my appreciation loudly enough to all of the people at Yoga Centre London that have helped my on my path. I am firmly committed to yoga and know that it will always be a part of my life. Both the physical and emotional journey has been one of the most positive experiences in my life.”

—Vicki Burbank

“Coming to weekly practice at Yoga Centre London can only be described as a renewed encounter with myself.  Each asana is a lesson in itself, and a testament to the discipline of the Iyengar method and to those at Yoga Centre London who teach it.

The limitations I experienced from severe osteoarthritis, and a subsequent hip replacement, have made my “encounter” each week of challenge, patience, discipline and acceptance, become a process of possibilities that I never before would have considered.”

— Rita

 "The yoga classes that I’ve taken with Sondy and Caroline at Yoga Centre London have been excellent. The Iyengar yoga is an amazing form of exercise and stretching that strengthens the whole body and helps with alignment and flexibility. The uplifting feeling I have after every class I've taken is improving my daily life and wellbeing."


"Right from the time I started going to Yoga Centre London, I found the teachers to be very knowledgeable and attentive. Classes are well-organized, good-humoured, rarely repetitive, and challenging at a level always appropriate for the group.

I started doing yoga poses on my own as a way to manage low back problems. I was fortunate to meet Karen & to start going to Yoga Centre London where I've been been hooked by the ongoing learning of how to do poses more correctly. My low back issues are definitely more under control than they ever were before, and I've learned more about the meditative focus careful practice can develop.”

— Roy Geiger

“I remember the night that I left my first Iyengar class knowing that this yoga practice was going to carry me through the rest of my life.  That knowing comes back to me every time I take a class.  I have become wiser in body and mind and happier in my being and look forward to learning more.”

— Renee

“These past months have been an eyeopener to what my body can do properly with great supervision. As I take my morning walk I am always checking my posture by lifting my ribs away from my waist, moving my shoulder blades into my back, and walking tall. Arriving home I am refreshed and feel strong. I have gone to Sue's class on occasion feeling a little tired and by the end of the class I have energy and ready for the rest of the day. I am enjoying learning about my body and the correct way I must look after myself.  Thank you all.”

— Wendy Kevill

How long have you taken Iyengar yoga and why do you practice it? These are two questions that I am asked quite frequently. The answer to the first one is quite simple; well over a decade. The answer to the second one is more complex.

At first, I began Iyengar yoga to become more flexible in order that I may run again in my mature years. However, as the years passed, yoga became a way of life; a way of looking at the world from a more holistic perspective (sometimes upside down).  The yoga postures, combined with meditation, have led me on an ever ending journey of self-discovery where the mind and the soul have found a common bond.

‘To know thyself’ is one of the most precious goals in life; the pathway to that goal takes both courage and patience; however, the staff at Yoga Centre London will guide your every step.”

— Jim Rule