Fees & Policies                                                                           


Fees are based on ‘sessions’ that vary between 8-12 weeks (except for the fall which is longer) and in length of class. Please note that the harmonized sales tax (hst) of 13% will be included in all prices. Session dates are listed on the schedule page.

  • 60 minutes class: $12.75 ($11.28 + 1.47 hst)

  • 75 minute class: $15.60 ($13.80 + 1.80 hst) 2nd weekly class $14.00

  • 90 minute class: $18.20 ($16.11 + 2.09 hst) 2nd weekly class $16.00

  • 2 hour class: $22.90 ($20.27 + 2.6 hst) 2nd weekly class $20.50

  • Special Practice: $30.00/hour ($26.55 + 3.45hst)

All fees include 13% hst

Drop in classes may be considered but must be discussed prior to class due to limited class size

  • 60 minute class: $16.00 (if not enrolled in a session)

  • 75 minute class: $20.00 (if not enrolled in a session)

  • 90 minute class: $23.00 (if not enrolled in a session)

  • 2 hour class: $27.50 (if not enrolled in a session)

All fees include 13% hst

Gift certificates are available
The full session is payable on the first class.


Cancellation/Missed Class Policy
Yoga Centre London has a no refund policy. Make up classes however, are permitted in other time slots as long as there is space available and must be made up within the time period registered for. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Any changes due to exceptional circumstances are subject to a $25 administration fee.


We have yoga supplies for sale (mats, blocks, belts, bolsters, books etc). To purchase, please contact the centre.


Yoga Tips

  • Try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before an Introductory class to register. Sorry we do not at this time take debit or credit card.

  • Yoga Centre London does supply yoga mats at no charge and are cleaned after each use, however if you prefer to bring your own mat, please feel free to do so.

  • Wear leggings or shorts where we can see the alignment of your knee and ankle, as this is important to optimize your practice

  • Try not to eat at least 2-3 hours before doing your yoga class.

  • A yoga class is a good place to start but you will benefit even more if you develop a home practice (see downloadable home practice sheets below). Even 15 minutes a day will make a real difference. So ask your teacher about developing a home practice and consider doing a second class at the studio.


IYENGAR YOGA Yoga Home Practice Sheets